Second open letter to the Iranian embassy in Stockholm

Last Thursday the 7th January 2021, Shahab Mehregan, Hadi Naderipour and Bahareh Siahmansouri as representative of the “Hör Vår Röst”, traveled from Gothenburg to Stockholm. The purpose was to leave an open letter from the group to the Iranian embassy, for the second time, on the anniversary of the shot down flight ps752 in Iran. This letter criticized the behavior of the Islamic Regime of Iran and the humans right issues in Iran. While Shahab Mehregan read the letter loudly, Hadi Naderipour held the pre-revolution flag of Iran flag. Bahareh Siahmansouri handed the letter to the embassy and insisted to read it to all the people at the embassy first, before leaving it to the ambassador. This letter was signed by 24 people from the Hör Vår Röst group that couldn’t attend the protest because of Covid-19. Below is a picture of the letter with the names of the people who signed it.

The letter, click on here

1- Shahab Mehregan
2- Hadi Naderipour
3- Arash Ahmadi Joyari
4- Sarah Sadeghi
5- Armin Najafali
6- Bahareh Siahmansouri
7- Narges Alidoust Jalali 
8- Seyd Behnia Javadiyoun Esfahani
9- Erfan Fatahi
10- Hassan Rezai
11- Farid Parsa
12- Farhad Veysi
13- Seyyed Reza Agha seyyed Myrzaye Shirazy
14- Faryba Reyee Kazemy
15- Fatemeh Sadat Agha Seyed Mirzaye Shirazi
16- Maryam Sadat Agha Seyed Mirzaye Shirazi
17- Masoud Fathi
18- Ali Fouladi
19- Seyed Reza Hadipour
20- Farhad Shoride
21- Dariush Kiani
22- Khalil Khajeh Jafari
23- Behrooz Mizaeiyan
24- Fahimeh Sourian

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